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// 16th April: New hair colour X K Session

By YueyinKitty · April 18, 2014 · 0 Comments ·
This will be the last post of today because I'm really drained for sitting almost 6hours in front of this lappy!!!

Me and my hair stylist, Vivian!

Finally getting new hair colour after 2-3months not touching it! 
Woke up in the morning and prepared, took bus over to Bukit Timah G1 hair studioz once the salon opens. Got my hair trimmed and new hair colour dyed!

Back to bangs as I was lazy to curl my fringe everyday HAHAHA! Vivian took half day leave so I was her first and the last customer from 9:30am-2:30pm. I really love my new hair colour but my hair was damaginggggg, didn't even have the time to do treatment so gotta go another day for it. LOL!

Took cab to Cineleisure and meet up with another Vivian HAHAHA I got 3 friends named Vivian. LOL! K-session with Vivian Bhenjamat and had a lil' catch up with each other. Hope everything is working fine with her because I really want all my friends to be happy and blessed! ^^

Can't really tell from the picture but my current hair colour is Ash Grey. Not exactly ash, but more to blonde. It's much more lighter in real life :D

We cabbed back together after the k-session, meet boyf at West Mall and made him watch me eat. HAHA! I didn't had anything since morning lor, and I had Burger King Double mushroom Swiss buger meal. MUAHAHA! Satisfying~ 

Headed to Woodlands and collect my mini nutella cupcakes, then go over my house to pack my barangs.. Aftermaths went to mama shop to buy drinks and beers for my birthday celebration! Everything was going smoothly~ SEXCITED!

Birthday photo book, one of the drawing I drew myself! You mei you~ HAHAHA!

Shall update my birthday celebration tmr~ Stay tuned!



// 11th-13th April: All about Foods again...

By YueyinKitty · April 18, 2014 · 0 Comments ·
Goodbye my ahpink, will miss ya~

So I was still considering if I should take up Class 2A, because boyf said I could own my own bike like finally!! Heehee, but thinking back I don't have much time going for lessons anymore. And it's like, I'm going to fork out more money for the lessons and the bike?! :( 

But anyway, put this aside. It's not that important though.
Boyf received letter from army like a finally, it was a huge blow for him because the enlistment date was EXACTLY ON HIS BIRTHDAY!! Hahaha so poor thing but he's doing something about it. I believe that non of you wanna get enlisted during your birthday right?

Was out to somewhere in Singapore (ok I'm being lame), 20tiang for the first time to see car race then half way through police came. LOL! Didn't catch anyone but I think they're settling road blocks there, and all the cars and bikes just went off like that. LOL! 

Too many road blocks everywhere on this day and I don't know why.. Was on the way home and we were being stopped for checking IC, but the policeman was nice :)

They said men's toilets are everywhere, anywhere any time.
But I would want to give them a last warning letter if I could. LOL!


Another working day, lunch with Cassandra and Sharon at Marche. Too hungry but waiting time was too long! FAINT*

You will be surprised to know that, I'm 21 this year, Cassandra (short hair) is only 17 this year and Sharon is 20 this year. HAHAHA! I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I'M THE OLDEST AMONG THEM OMG I FEEL SO OLD THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME! Hahaha, ok I know I'm behaving like I'm only 16 but too bad~ My hearts still haven't grow old yet. :P

After work, headed to Bugis with Cassandra for ordering helium balloons for my up coming birthday~ Then dinner @ Bugis+ while waiting for our men to come over!

Dinner @ Reddo Sushi

Salmon sushi

Kimchi udon!


I'm getting excited!


// 9th April : Mookata x Wimbly Lu Chocolate

By YueyinKitty · April 18, 2014 · 0 Comments ·
Cosplay at home as I was too bored. HAHA! Just kidding~ 
My younger sis gave me this cat ear hairband.. Just randomly taking photos because I was bored.

Decided to bring these over for my birthday celebration! Heehee, it was all well-planned~ 

Yoga lesson the day after drinking session. SHAGGGGGGG! Hot pilates was no joke. HAHAHA! 


Headed home and changed myself before dinner @ Mookata with sisters, boyf, Edwin and Andy! MY SIS FORCED ME TO GO!! Only gave in because the foods are good even though I really hate myself smelling stink after eating. LOL! 

Was surprised by my two lovely sisters and they gave me their DIY board for my upcoming birthday! Love them so much! So happy to receive this because it was my first time receiving hand made gift, and also because I'm that kinda of person who likes people to put in efforts more than those things which can easily get it by money.

I appreciate every lil' things!

Pretty isn't it?

I really like the interior design in Wimbly Lu Chocolate.
First time trying, but had a bad experience there. I went to their facebook page and was surprised that the reviews was not very good either. Anyway, their ice cream/waffles or whatever are not very fantastic so you may go ahead if you want to try. But I personally think that I will definitely not going back there from what I experienced.

Bad thing is their service, they off the lights once it reaches their close door time despite customers are still eating there. I heard one of the staffs said "Don't off the light la", while the one who off the light "Don't care la, end work liao.."

Go face the wall and reflect, or just close down the whole shop anyway a lot of people also not very happy about your services. Complains after complains yet y'all are still not doing anything. -..-  Sweet treats are supposed to make people happy, but I don't see yours doing any better.
Just venting my anger.

Yea I'm chilled.

So my last words, I strongly not reccomand. But just go ahead if you wanna try. 

Anyway, I really posted up a lot of entries today for about 5 hours already. HAHAHA. Time passed really fast! Hope you enjoy reading~


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